Veterinary Clinical Trials

One Medicine Consultancy

Dogs and cats are more than man’s best friends. By living in the same environment as us they often suffer from the same complex diseases. Their physiology, presentation and clinical response to diseases often mimic human diseases closely.

Many dog breeds show a high prevalence of specific diseases including cancers, blindness, heart disease, cataracts, epilepsy, hip displaysia and deafness (to name a few). Similarly for cats they suffer from chronic kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes and obesity. They age over a shorter period of time and can become affected by arthritis and senility. Most of these diseases are commonly seen in humans and clinical signs of the disease are often similar.

‘One Medicine,’ is the concept of comparative medicine that acknowledges human and animal health relies on a common pool of medical and scientific knowledge and is supported by overlapping technologies and discoveries.

Bio Banking

Biobanks are an important resource for developing cures for human and animal diseases. Their role is to collect, store and distribute biospecimens – such as tissue or blood, and molecular components – for scientific research. Biobanks also gather and store the clinical information about the animal donors and from clinical trials.

Experiments using biospecimens provide a bridge between laboratory and applied research. They give researchers a better understanding of the genetic and molecular changes involved in the progression of diseases. This provides a pathway to potential strategies for diagnosing and treating disease in new and more effective ways.

Biospecimens can be used to develop screening tests for “biomarkers” associated with certain types of a disease. Animal donors can be grouped based on their genetic traits for testing of new drugs or determining which treatment is appropriate.

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