Pet Owners


Australia is a nation of pet owners

At least 80% of us have a pet or have had a pet at some stage of our life. Presently, nearly two thirds of Australian households have some type of pet, and over half of Australian households have at least one dog or cat.

Companion Medicine aims to provide a smooth pathway to investigate treatment opportunities for pets with naturally occurring illnesses and to discover new treatment options:


  • Our particular areas of interest include oncology, cardiology, feline kidney disease, dermatology, arthritis, diabeties and obesity.
  • Our studies include the areas of diagnostics, therapeutics (drugs, vaccines, gene therapy, stem cells and biologics), medical devices and monitoring equipment.
  • We hope to work with breed groups in areas of concern to their particular breed and expert geneticists by banking blood samples and archiving clinical information and pedigrees from patients with the consent of their owners.

Current Studies

Getting Involved

  • If your pet suffers from a particular condition you can seek referral from your regular vet in relation to your pet’s involvement in the clinical trials being run through Companion Medicine.
  • As we need your help to carry out these studies to bring new medicines to the market, you and your pet will not incur any cost in relationship to the trial.
  • At the completion of the trial you will receive a veterinary voucher to use with ongoing care of your pet at your regular veterinarian.

More Details

  • Our nurses are available to discuss any concerns you have before you bring your pet to a clinic.
  • The vet will ensure that when you give your consent you are aware of what it will entail in terms of number of visits, tests, results and treatments.
  • At any time if you (or we) are concerned about your pet you may retire from the trial.
  • We are mindful of your rights to privacy. No information or personal details will be passed on in an identifiable form nor will you be named in any reports.
  • We will inform your vet of any results or treatments involving your pet. We will work with them should you need to seek care for related or other conditions while on the study. It is important that you communicate with us in this instance.
  • At the end of the study, if it is not possible to receive ongoing trial medication then we will provide through our investigators a best care treatment plan, making use of your pets clinical information gathered while on the trial. A report for ongoing management of your pet will be sent to your regular veterinarian.


Companion Medicine will endeavour to ensure:

  • The safety information provided by companies is accurate.
  • The trials comply with ACT animal welfare laws and the protocols and consents are approved by an authorised animal ethics committee.
  • The trials abide by the appropriate Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority regulatory permit and the National Health and Medical Research Council code of practice for use of animals in scientific research.
  • Our partner veterinarians uphold the Australian Veterinary Association code of conduct related to animal welfare in relation to clinical research: field studies.

We understand that recruiting companion animal patients to clinical trials and retention while on a study requires not just knowledge of the legalities but a consciousness and sensitivity to the emotional bond between an owner and their pet and their desire to provide the best standard of care.

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