Frequently Asked Questions

What is a clinical trial (also called clinical study)?

A clinical trial is research which tries to answer specific questions about medications, vaccines, or new therapies. Clinical trials (also called medical research and research studies) are used to determine whether new drugs or treatments are both safe and effective. Carefully conducted clinical trials are the fastest and safest way to find treatments that work.

How do I get my pet into a clinical trial?

On this website you can see a list of the clinical trials that are currently enrolling participants. If you think your pet qualifies, please contact us or enquire through your local veterinarian.

How do I know that clinical trials are safe?

There is some risk with any clinical trial, just as there is with many medical procedures. However, all clinical trials have been reviewed by an authorized institutional Animal Ethics Committee before they can begin. Informed owner consent is always a part of the study, which means that you are given all the information relating to you and your pet’s participation and must agree in writing before your pet can enter the study.

What if I don’t see a clinical trial that is about my pet’s disease or condition? Is there other research that my pet can participate in?

Clinical trials are for a specific purpose. If there is not something currently underway for which your pet qualifies, there may be in the future. We are happy to take your enquiry and inform you of future trials.

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